Freeride camps 2019/2020

We chose the option of active off-piste freeriding using snowmobiles and snowcats for lifting. We do not go up on foot, like ski-tour or backcountry! We have a priority avalanche safety and maximum descents per day. You will find a week of incredible adventures in the company of like-minded people who love snowboarding just like you. If you decide to go off-piste for the first time, it's better choose the LITE program. It is specially designed to acquaint you with freeride at comfortable speeds.

900 €

08 - 15 febr 2020
freeride school LITE

900 €

18 - 25 febr 2020
Freeride school HARD

900 €

28 feb - 08 march'20
Freeride school LITE

900 €

08 - 15 march 2020
Freeride school HARD
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