ExtremeCarving snowboard course - Zinal'20

Course of extremecarving in the homeland of the style - Swiss ski resort Zinal. It was here that instructors Patrice Fivat and Jacque Rillet honed their skills and created a wonderful Extremecarving. We will practice laying on their favorite black slopes: Barthelemy and Col. And these are the steepest slopes, ideal for two dozen linked laid-down turns.

Every year at the end of January, a hundred of the most stubborn extremecarvers meet on the Zinal slopes during a three-day session. This is a special movement, where you can watch others and show your own style :) Perhaps this is where your laid-down turns could be appreciated. However, we will not be able to make snowboard classes during the ECS itself, the slopes will be quite loaded. Therefore, the course will begin 28 january, immediately after the session. However, there is an option to come three days early, ottusit ECS, warm up, and then join the course.

A sample list of costs resembles the sale of "All for 300 !!". We have yet to think about the way and accommodation, but the experience of previous courses in Europe suggests that the whole trip will be about 1,500 euros.

Where ?

Area Val d’Anniviers
Zinal, St-Luc, Grimentz

When ?

28 - 04 febr 2020
On slope 10:00 - 16:00 (3h+2h)

Place in group ExtremeCarving 0 / 6

Course objectives

The course is initially aimed at the development of smoothness and jewelery accuracy in movements to create ultra-deep inclinations that bring you as close as possible to the slope. Push-n-Pull, Rotation and Inclinations, as the basis for the most spectacular and effective style of snowboarding. We learn how to do front and backside laid-down turns, and with a good set of circumstances - to link them on different terrain and slopes.

Important details

    • Confident riding on the edges. Or send a video of your carving, which could determine your level.
    • Availability of own equipment(snowboard, boots, helmet!!)
    • Equipment settings for extreme carving, softboot (more) or hardboot.
    • No serious injuries.
  • Training will be held daily in groups of up to 6 people. For each group of one instructor.

    The course is made for 7 days and includes 35 hours spent directly on the slope. One day at the discretion of the instructor of the course will be for rest, it is also a spare in case of bad weather.

    1. Basic position, links of closed carved turns
    2. Inclionations, Body Rotation and Down-Unweighting
    3. Push-n-Pull technique, wide and short turn
    4. Frontside and Backside lawd-down turns
    5. Linked laid-down turns on different terrain and slopes

    The course is made for 7 days and includes 35 hours spent directly on the slope

  • Do not include in course price

    We will take a car rental service to get there from Milan. You can use trains and busses over Europe.

  • Do not include in course price

    You can choose variosly hotels and chalets at Val d’Anniviers area

  • Registration takes place after prepayment of 50% of the full cost. We have several prepayment options, including PayPal, all details can be discussed with the course organizer.

    Waivers and prepayment refunds:

    If a refusal to participate in the course occurred:

    • earlier than 60 days before the start of the course - we return 100% prepayment;
    • earlier than 20 days before the start of the course - we return 50% prepayment; 
    • later than 20 days before the course starts - prepayment  is NOT refundable

    Charges for the return of the prepayment (commissions, etc.) are deducted from the amount to be refunded.

  • The course requires participants to be fit. We are convinced that the key to speed and stable carving is vertical motion. The largest part of it is made by the knees, which means that the muscles of the legs should be in tone.

    If you expect serious results from yourself, it will be better if you prepare for the course in advance. Go to the gym, run, ride a snowboard more often, read the articles on our website and watch video tutorials. Try to reduce your dose of nicotine per day.

    Do not buy under the course of new equipment (!!). This is especially true about snowboard boots. To focus on the learning process you need to feel comfortable and familiar equipment. The same applies to binding's settings - during the lessons we will teach you how to properly install and adjust them. Do not experiment yourself the day before.

    • Evening video analysis of day
    • Souvenirs and gifts from school FunCarve
    • All photo and video materials for free

Price of the course

Training programm for 7 days (35 hours)
450 €

It is only 13 euro\per hour !!!

Additional costs

1. Transfer to Val d’Anniviers;

2. Acсommodation ~300 euro;

3. Skipass Val d’Anniviers  ~300 euro;

4. Sport ensurance for a week;

5. Food, entertainments, souvenirs.



Таня Загашева

.. курс даст вам в руки набор техник и навыков для катания в любых условиях, будь то укладки на утреннем вельвете или спуск по убитой черной трассе в конце дня..

Женя Дембовская

.. видео-разборы полетов, просмотр проездов, игры, общение курсантов - все проходило очень весело и дружно :) Это был самый лучший отдых!

Леша Степанов

..драйв который будет на курсах уже начинаешь чувствовать на лекции по теории. Уходишь с неё домой как будто после тренировки с дрожащими коленками .

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