Theory of carving on a snowboard

Our vision of modern snowboarding. 
How to make your style of riding fun, essential and beautiful. Inspired by ExtremeCarving we built a softboot snowboard carving technique methodic. And there are some articles, which will help you to understand it. It was translated from russian, so enjoy it :)

Our experience. Snowboards for softboot carving 16750
Bindings and their adjustment for soft carving 6669
Carving technique. Axioms 4400
Elements. Snowboard basic position 3557
Carving technique. Inclinations 7250
Carving technique. Body counter-rotation 5455
Elements. "Plus" and "Minus" positions 3655
Carving Technique. Body Rotation 4218
Elements. Vertical motion 3577
Elements. Up-unweighting 4669
Elements. Down-unweighting 3725
Elements. ExtremeCarving Push-n-Pull 3106
Extremecarving. Laid-down turns. Details. 2416
Extremecarving. Laid-down turns. Frontside. 4259
Extremecarving. Laid-down turns. Backside. 4636
Carving technique. High-speed freeride 5327
Our experience. Snow condition on the piste 4562