Our experience. Snowboards for softboot carving

Any borad will fit for the first season on the edges, even many freestyle boards has quite suitable stiffness. Any all-mountain will fit and boardcross and freeride boards will allow you to step further.

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The main characteristics of a snowboard

Torsion stiffness is not the most important criterion of the board no matter what manufacturers claim and it should be comfortable exactly for you. Typically, a torsion stiffness is increased with usage of various reinforcing elements such as carbon forks or stringers, titanal lyers and triaxial or quadaxial ply weaving of core laminate. However, all these technologies make snowboard tougher along the longitudinal axis also. This is not always necessary and not comfortable for everyone.

The contact length of the edge is equally important as it affects the stability of the board in turn. It is also called the effective edge length, and depending on the shape snowboards of the same size can have different values ​​of the contact length.

Sidecut radius determines the mobility of the board and to some extent, its turn radius. The larger sidecut radius the larger the turn of your board will be.


Waist width should be sufficient to set a comfortable angle for bindubgs, but you should keep in mind that wide boards (from 255mm) can cause difficulties for riders with small feet size. Therefore you should be careful, for example, picking up a snowboard for a girl from the men's collection.

There is difference between the width of the nose and tail in some freeride boards, it will not influence anyhow your carving. If you like this tappered board – buy it. No need to be afraid of the alleged "soft" nose of freeride boards, with the right technique it will not loose on the tough slope. Furthermore such a nose will assist you in light changes of the edge when you put your front leg into the turn while your back leg is still on the edge.

Boards for softboot carving

Let us say it again – you can start learning carving on any board. You can learn basic movements, basic position and turns on edges and get used to new speeds on any board which has sidecut and edge. It can be compared with learning process – from the simple to the complex, from slow deliberate exercises to fast and energetic riding, from flat slopes to the ones at 40 degrees angles. The steady growth of technique may well lead you to the choice of a new snowboard that will match your future plans. Usually at this point attentive students have no more questions but we will give them some more helpful information.

The perfect board for softcarving - is "charged" freeride snowboard sized from 161 to 166, with traditional camber and effective edge length starting from 1250mm, sidecut radius from 8.8 to 10m, with triaxial laminate and torsion reinforcements.

Why is that?

Because Funcarve for universality. There is no universality with the board of 168cm or longer. For example APO Apocalipse 174 runs very well in turn and allows extremecarving in softboots. However, this is all it can offer you. Only guys made of steel can go for freeride with this board and for sure not on 60° slopes. And if the initial goal is to ride in extremecarving style then it is wiser to buy equipment developed specifically for this style – plastic boots, bindings and Swoard board.

This includes all kinds of boardcross boards of eminent Oxess, Kessler, Choc, Donek and others. Boards for SBX initially have stiffness comparable to racing boards, they perfectly run in turn and also allows lay-downs. But all they can allow you to do is to take part in competitions. Do you need it? :) Then let's go!

Regarding the SBX boards there is also one more thing - this is their "non-living" character, it is mystical feeling of boards hard to describe that are not to everyone's taste.

Funcarve.com snowboard choice

For more than three years we’ve been collecting reviews and feed backs about various snowboards and this experience became the basis for creation of this list consisted of several snowboard models most suitable for further improvement of your soft carving skills. If you are now in situation of choice among several snowboards which neither you nor your friends ever tried then this list may be helpful for you.

  • Swoard Dual. Advanced snowboard for carving in softboot made by the founders of extremecarving. The stated specifications fully meet the basic idea of universal riding. 

  • Jeremy Jones HoverCraft. Jr., at least because of its price, the brother of the flagship board by Jones. It is interesting because of its sizes - 152, 156 and 160.5, and the abundance of all sorts of technological stuff allows you to do anything you want on this snowboard. It feels like Jeremy simply took all technologies of freeride boards production and compiled them into one board. Narrowed crescent-shaped tail, blunt nose shape, sidecut radius of 9.5m, little nose rocker combined with camber, 264mm wide waist - all this allowed to give 160 snowboard the character of 167 one. Needless to say that in everyday riding it is more comfortable than long boards. Besides it floats in pow well, neatly runs in turn and changes edge quickly. And not the least thing is that the price of this board is relatively low. Now we sure - it's perfect board for softboot carving and freeride.

  • F2 Eliminator. The most recognizable and most frequently advised snowboard for softboot carving. Its benefits - it is easy to buy, the price for used item is about $ 350. Its minuses – models made in the years up to 2009 were more "alive", the latest releases are more sluggish. Best Eliminator - is Eliminator Carbon, it is soft enough in the longitudinal aspect, but stiff in the torsion one. This makes it very comfortable for everyday riding and freeriding, but at the same time extremely stable and fast on the edge!

  • Arbor. The company which has perhaps the largest number of boards suitable for softboot carving. Crossbow, A-Frame, Nightrain, Element, and Push for girls. Be careful: starting from the season 09-10 Arbor began to produce some models with reverse camber, rocker, which is marked as RX in the model name.

  • Bataleon. The Austrian-made company with a revolutionary form of base, almost the entire line of manufactured boards is exclusively for riders with high technique. Universal models, like Undisputed, Enemy, Goliath, Omni will suit guys perfectly, and freestyle models Riot, Evil Twin in small size - for girls!

  • Nitro Pantera. One of the classic boards for carving, and it is available in a wide version for large feet size. Elan Ascent. Freeride-backcountry board from the ski manufacturer, recognized and added to arsenal pf Russian Backcountry team. The lightest board in 159 size - 2.5kg.

This list will grow!